It’s hard to put into words the usefulness of being ahead of the curve, for business and in life. The merits of being on a trend before it explodes into mainstream popularity is peppered through a wide and varied history of success stories. This where the idea of a pop vinyl store comes into play, the potential it holds for being the next big thing in mainstream collectibles is nothing to scoff at.

You could end up profiting in a big way with the simple trajectory of finding a direct supplier that you gel with and building up a fan base, with the meteoric rise that the little figures have been experiencing, it won’t be too difficult to achieve with the right attitude.

Without further ado, here are the fundamental reasons that Funko figures are rising up and why a pop vinyl store should be your next big investment.

A Quick Recap On Funko Figures

A Funko figure is essentially a small and specifically designed collectible that depicts characters and real-life people as small figurines, all containing a similar style palette. The first known figures came into existence in 2010. They encapsulate a very diverse range of cultural characters and include examples from the marvel franchise, Harry Potter, even down to niche and specific character dress-ups from short-run television shows and films.

In short, if there’s a franchise in popular culture, there’s a strong possibility that there’s a Funko collectible depicting a character or two from there, if not, the whole character base.

Very Collectible Collectibles

Funko model in a pop vinyl store

One of the main reasons to consider creating and running a pop vinyl store is simple, there is a lot of money to be made in a collectible item. Especially one that is dedicated to completionism, with a wide berth of differing collections. A pop vinyl store doesn’t have to encompass the entire breadth of Funko’s offerings, that would take years to even cultivate, let alone market.

There’s an opportunity afoot with a properly managed niche pop vinyl store, which could lead to multiple avenues of revenue if you play your cards right. There’s no shortage of new figures coming out almost on a daily basis, which means the well will likely not run dry any time soon, and with timed and exclusively released sets of figures, having a pop vinyl store with exclusivity will certainly be bringing in the business.

Some figures fetch upwards of five figures in some cases, and it is a very competitive market for the rare ones.

Avenues Of Opportunity

One of the key advantages of opting to run a pop vinyl store, is the chance to focus on particular niche markets of collectors and fans of certain franchises or mediums. This is a very useful tactic if you choose to open an online pop vinyl store, and have branched out sub-stores that focus on particular fanbases.

For instance, you could have a pop vinyl store that is marvel or superhero inspired, and an entirely separate one that is dedicated to musicians and bands. This will bring specified traffic to your site as well as not alienate someone who is only after a particular line or item. The ease of use is what will separate your pop vinyl store from the rest.

In the end, all you need is a passion for business, a love of geek culture and of course a dependable supplier, and you could soon be on your way to success with your very first pop vinyl store.