Professional family lawyers in Sydney are some of the most important legal practitioners that we have in Australia. They help people going through one of the toughest moments of their life come out the other side with their pride, dignity, and security in their future life.

Divorce is a messy business, but it needs to be dealt with using tact and professionalism. This is why people choose to rely on the services of family lawyers in Sydney who can help them navigate this area of the law.

However, not all family lawyers have the same skills and not all of them are equally proficient at their job. There are certain essential traits that most of them need to possess in order to be effective advisors and representatives for their clients.

The following will take a look at the essential traits that most professional family lawyers in Sydney need to have.


Organised and analytical

Naturally, family lawyers in Sydney need to be highly organised and analytical to be able to do an effective job for their clients. While their knowledge and expertise in this area of the law is value, they need to be highly disciplined in terms of their work ethic and organise all of the complex paperwork for their clients.

Nobody wants to hire a solicitor who can’t take care of the details on their behalf. Half the reason that somebody hires a professional divorce solicitor is that they are too stressed and too ignorant to deal with all of the bureaucracy associated with the legal system.

Analytical skills play a key role in the work that any family lawyer does. They need to be able to analyse information rapidly and come up with the best course of action for their clients.


Calm and focused

client meeting a family lawyer in Sydney

The issues that a family lawyer has to deal with are some of the most traumatising and emotionally complex that an average person can deal with. With that said, solicitors in this space need to remain calm, focused, and stoic in the name of helping their clients.

If a client gets into name-calling and disparaging their ex, then the solicitor needs to avoid encouraging this and instead keep their clients focused on the business side of things. While ignoring emotions is impossible for clients, family lawyers should try their best to steer them away from spending too much time thinking about this aspect of their case and focus on what will actually help them in a practical sense.


Good presentation

Like most other types of legal professionals, family lawyers in Sydney need to be well-presented in a professional attire that matches their expertise. Nobody wants to work with a solicitor who wears jeans and a t-shirt since they expect a certain degree of professionalism that matches the images of the service they are paying for.

While wearing a blazer doesn’t make someone a better solicitor, it is part of the image clients expect. While these expectations may change over time, mostly they have stayed in place as with all other areas of legal consultancy.



All solicitors benefit from having powers of persuasion, as the key part of their job is making arguments. Family lawyers are no different in this regard and need to be able to persuasively convey their arguments both to other parties and to their clients when justifying courses of action.

Persuasiveness will also play a key role in any negotiations or litigation that takes place during the case. Great rhetoric backed up by good research is the key to what a good solicitor presents when they do what they do best.