doctor giving patient online prescription

Consumers are quickly adapting to change in the current 2020 landscape.

Even prior to the onset of COVID-19, community members have found the use of digital services to be a major convenience by cutting out a lot of the time-consuming activities.

The ability to obtain online prescriptions has been one such increase, allowing patients to secure scripts from their doctor without having to organise an appointment in person.

This might have seemed like a big adjustment for some, but others who struggle with travel, with their condition, their time management or finances find online prescriptions incredibly helpful.

We will take the time to expand on those benefits right here.


1) Communication With Doctor

Online prescriptions are not just handed out with impunity. There is an official channel to go through for local patients who require a new script of medicine for their condition or to address a new symptom that has been diagnosed. This communication is beneficial for women and men who have developed a trustworthy relationship with their GP over many years. Although there won’t be any direct one-on-one contact in person, they will still be able to continue the conversation and inform the specialist over a video call.


2) No Transport Concerns

The hassle of getting in the car, hiring an Uber or taxi service, or waiting in line for a train or bus is a frustrating exercise. This is especially the case when it comes to the task of booking an appointment to see the doctor, obtaining the piece of paper, and then having to visit the pharmacist. By opting for the online prescriptions method, at least two of those tasks are off the table despite having to engage in an online consultation or phone call.


3) Fast Service

If there are a rapport and understanding between the doctor and the patient, then the transaction of online prescriptions can be quickly expedited in 2020. When cutting out the appointment booking, transport and wait times, this can be an exercise that accumulates half a morning or afternoon depending on the conditions. Having a scheduled time over the web here helps to bypass those logistics.


4) Less Costs

The fact remains that the cost of doing business with online prescriptions is much more affordable than the alternative. Without the need to cover for the practice with the additional staff members, rental space and the use of other utilities, these savings can be passed onto members. So long as the participant has a working internet connection and a functioning smart device complete with an operational camera and microphone, they can take advantage of affordable local service.


5) No Contact Assistance

doctor using a laptop

These prescriptions would have felt like a big convenience when it came to saving time and money. However, this type of service has taken on a completely different complexion in 2020 with the spread of the coronavirus. All industries have been forced to reassess how they interact and serve their constituents and medical practices are no different. By offering a digital alternative, community members still get to receive their essential supplies without violating any social distancing guidelines.


6) Safe Record Keeping

The use of online prescriptions helps to leave a digital trail for both the medical practice and the patient. Whereas handwritten pieces of paper can be easily discarded, lost or compromised, this is not the case when there is a definitive transfer online from one party to the next. For those thinking about any lodgments or dealings with private health insurers, this is a good way to cover those responsibilities in case any requests are made for such documents.