There are so many ways to use the wondrous and often overlooked dairy powder varieties that are awash in the local supermarket. While most reserve it as an emergency supply, it turns out, it’s a very versatile little substance with many uses that stretch beyond the simple recipes with milky innards. Funnily enough there’s all sorts of uses for dairy powder including skincare and even around the house utility – yes you heard me right.

So, we wanted to take a hop, skip, and a jump down the rabbit hole and see what amazing things you can cook, clean, and fix with it in your arsenal.

Dairy Powder With Food

1.   Not Quite Whipped

We’ll start with the obvious uses for the magical substance with its utility in the kitchen. One of the more popular uses for dairy powder resides in the not quite whipped cream alternative. More akin to a cake topping from a 70’s sachet, this utility for the substance has been popular with homemade chefs for some time due to the long-lasting nature of the ingredients and relative ease of creating it. While it may not be the same style and consistency as its typical whipped counterpart – the cream is still sweet and sinfully tasty in a pinch.

2.   Ricotta

From sweet and saccharin to the other end of the health spectrum. Using dairy powder to create ricotta is actually a relatively simple procedure, it involves curding, draining and blending and before you know it – you’ll have a tasty and wholesome snack on the go. For the more adventurous and ambitious chemists amongst us, you could go a step further and add evaporated milk and some yogurt to craft some wholesomely tasty cottage cheese.

Dairy Powder With Skin Care

dairy powder

3.   Insect Bite Alleviator

Yes, in a country like ours, we can focus on the most annoying aspect of having a BBQ, the mozzie bites. Funnily enough, dairy powder can be utilised for relieving the itches and scratches that come from a night outside. Simply by creating a paste with the substance and putting a marginal amount on the affected area and you’ll have a feeling of almost instant relief.

4.   Face Masks

Ah, the classic face masks are making a huge comeback with the advent of consideration for skin moisturising. Especially for very dry skin. Crafting a thick paste using some simple dairy powder and water and masking it up for around 20 minutes can rejuvenate and clean your pores as well as any market product. The natural proteins and moisturising properties of the calcium-enriched substance will leave you feeling firm and fine in no time. Another tip is to add some to your bath which sounds insane, but milk baths have been prevalent and trusted for generations as a whole-body luxurious sensation.

Dairy Powder Around The House

5.   Patent Leather Cleaner

Yes, it even cleans leather. As we go into the wackier uses of dairy powder, we cannot help but mention the caring of leather goods as somewhat of an irony, but it’s effective so no comment here. Having a layer of paste etched into leather goods before polishing them will give a certain sparkle and shine to your belongings. Take note, it also works for your silverware, adding a brand-new sheen.

There’s no other way to say it, dairy powder is simply a magical and versatile substance that has so many wondrously decadent and creative uses from the kitchen to your clothes. Having a bag of it stashed in the house will have you prepared for any situation it seems.