Smoking only gets better with time because there is no shortage of different methods to enjoy the experience. There is an emergence of various smoking devices and accessories since the strict regulations on smoking are loosened. However, glass bongs have stood the test of time as they remain to provide an excellent smoking experience through and through.

Smoking from a glass bong delivers a superior experience for newbies and experts alike. While joints, blunts, or spliffs offer simplicity and superior portability, many users stick to using a glass bong for all their smoking needs. There is a cooler experience you achieve by pulling smoke from a glass through the water.

Benefits of Using Glass Bongs

In the section below, we are outlining the reasons why most smokers prefer glass bongs to other smoking methods and devices.

Provide the Purest Flavor

Bongs come in different materials, including wood, bamboo, metal, and plastic. However, smoking from bongs made of glass provides the cleanest taste. The reason why most people prefer a glass bong to other bong materials is the absence of an aftertaste when smoking. Other materials alter the taste of the smoking substance, thus producing an aftertaste. Glass bongs are an excellent choice for smokers who want cleaner and smoother hits.

Massive Rips

glass bongs

There are different types of smoking experiences. Sometimes, you enjoy small hits at a time. In this case, you take many, repeated small chugs to achieve your expected high. However, some days you want big rips to send you straight into the clouds. You can achieve just that with glass bongs.

These devices provide better and massive hits compared to other methods of smoking like joints and hand pipes. You can easily fill a large bong’s chamber with the amount of smoke you need in a single take. You can choose bongs with a carburetor to enjoy more potent hits for an excellent experience.

Durable and Eco-Friendly

Glass materials are the least durable compared to other bong materials. However, well-made glass bongs can last a lifetime when you take great care of them. Proper care and maintenance can save you some bucks and will ensure you use the bong for years. You can even pass it on to new smokers once you upgrade to another device.

And since the bongs are durable, you can kiss rolling papers goodbye, thus, preserving the environment. It is difficult to misplace a glass bong because of its large nature. This means you will use it for an extended period without having to replace it. Hence, a glass bong is environmentally friendly as it reduces your carbon footprint.

Easy to Use and Clean

Cleaning your glass bong after every hit ensures you get the best experience the next time you smoke. Thankfully, bongs are extremely easy to clean and care for. Their clear appearance ensures you know when to clean out the resin buildup during a session. A toothpick, hot water, and isopropyl alcohol are all the materials you need to clean a glass bong. Clean glass bongs have no bacteria lingering around, meaning there is nothing that will alter the flavor.

Deliver Cleaner, Smoother, and Healthier Hits

Smoking from a glass bong is the healthiest way to enjoy your herbs. It is mainly because the smoke passes through water for purification and cooling. The smoke is cleaner and smoother as it passes through the mouth, down to the throat and lungs. Also, as the smoke goes through the water, particles, chemical byproducts, and tar are trapped, making the experience healthier.

If you want to get the best and healthiest experience when smoking, glass bongs are ideal. They provide excellent hits while purifying them to ensure a cleaner and smoother experience. What’s more, they come in various designs and sizes to suit different needs.