Large home with teak outdoor furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is stylish, hard-wearing, and highly functional. One of the things that makes it so popular is that it can be left out in the elements without becoming warped, rotting, or cracking. Teak outdoor furniture is naturally resistant to the elements and to pests like termites which make it the perfect choice for your outside spaces. Read on below to find out some of the main reasons that teak outdoor furniture should be at the top of your list for your next alfresco purchase.


It ages beautifully

New teak outdoor furniture is a beautiful honeyed brown shade and will even look shiny and polished. As the timber ages it starts turn a lovely gray color under the sun. The gray color is stunning and is not a sign that the timber’s structural integrity is being impacted at all. The natural oils of the timber protect it from the environment and insects. The aging process if anything only makes the wood more attractive and shows the natural character of the wood. Over time small cracks can appear in the timber but this is also just another sign of the normal aging of the wood and improves its character. To bring the golden tones back into your teak outdoor furniture and to make it look like new again and light sanding is all that’s needed. To help maintain the honeyed tones of the wood, use a sealer. These usually have a water-like consistency and can help to protect the timber of your patio furniture from the sun, mould and moisture. Sealers are very easy to apply to timber and should be reapplied every six to twelves months or so.


Cleaning and maintaining teak outdoor furniture

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One of the best things about teak outdoor furniture is that it requires very little maintenance. To keep it looking great all you need to do is give it a wipe down with a bit of mildly soapy water to loosen up any dirt or grime. If there are any greasy spots on the furniture set a quick scrub with a degreaser should remove it. Proper marine teak cleaning agents can also help to lift the grey out if you want to return the wood to it’s honey tones quickly and easily.


Storage in the winter months

One of the great things about teak outdoor furniture is that it can be left outside year-round, regardless of what the weather is like. If you want to protect your patio furniture from any damage and extreme weather conditions, then you should cover it up with a breathable fabric. Avoid leaving your pieces in a heated space as this can cause drying and cracks. Over time and with fluctuations in the weather the wood will expand and contract which can cause some areas of the items to loosen up over time and may require retightening of joints and screws.


It lasts a lifetime

One of the best things about teak wood is that it is durable enough to last a lifetime. In fact, some structures and boats made from it have survived hundreds of years, only to be reused again later. It is a fantastic timber to invest in because when properly cared for it can easily last decades with very little maintenance required.


If you’re shopping for new patio décor then teak timber is the ideal choice. Shop around to find styles that you like and the best deals from décor stores both in-store and online. It can be a big investment initially but it will last for many years so it’s worth it.