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An independent blockchain algorithm that generates units of virtual currency for business and trade purpose. It is a medium which can replace the government currency in the next two decades as predicted.


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Our technology is more advanced than the current money transfer platforms. We have designed our security system, especially for the cryptocurrency and the payment methods that are available today lacks the facility of a crypto wallet and transactions.

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  • Economic Downturn

How To Prepare For An Economic Downturn?

By |June 12th, 2019|Categories: Economic Downturn|

When the last economic crisis hit us, it hit us hard; and that one sure was a tough one for small businesses which should have been prepared for a turn in the economy. Any business should actually be prepared and ready to take on a crisis in the economy because it could actually happen at any time. With businesses, focusing on extreme growth or even getting off the ground would be a significant thing because your mindset is surely what matters. You must always have a backup plan if things take a turn in the wrong way, below is a list of a few ideas to implement now, and even before a crisis actually hits the economy.

hits the economy

–    Take a good look at your budget immediately. This one is undoubtedly an obvious one. Money is the lifeblood of the economy, and without money, how can anything in the world of multiple economies, even work. Most owners of small business usually have no idea what is being spent in their company. Even if they do have an idea, they never know about everything line-by-line. They end up relying on bookkeepers and also accountants, which is indeed a great thing because they are reliable. But it would be great if the owner was on top of everything and knew about all of the things that go on in their business. This is important because the owner is probably paying for subscriptions and things that they don’t even know about or even use anymore. There is a big chance that you do not need 20% of the things that you pay for as the owner of a company.

–    Take the money; even if you don’t actually need it. Very smart men in the world of commerce have said that you should take money when and wherever you can get it; because you will need it. Investors want to see themselves grow exponentially and therefore, they invest money with hopes of receiving returns with profits as well. They also want the company that they are investing in to grow just like they are. Loans and also lines of credit to acquire cash and then put it in a bank account for a rainy day in the future is an amazing thing to do, especially if you can actually show growth.

show growth

–    You should focus on your customers like never ever before. Customers are actually the ones that make sure that the economy has sufficient amounts of the lifeblood (money) that it so direly needs.

–    Make certain that your client base is diversified. If a certain type of customer leaves you for whatever reason, then your business won’t be that hurt because you will have all other kinds of customers to have and support you.

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