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  • Economic Growth

Influence Of Total Capital Investment On Economic Growth

By |July 12th, 2019|Categories: Economic Growth|

An economy actually grows only in some specific ways, and people may find better or new resources. More productive people may enter the workforce. Technology has undoubtedly improved a lot with the advent and mass popularity of the internet. One of the most important, controllable, and consistent ways to grow an economy is through proper and improved capital goods structures and also growing capital stock, which is actually where the capital investment comes in.

An actual explanation for capital investment:


It is famously known as the spending of saved money on some capital goods. These include assets like machines, factories, vehicles, computers, tools, and also all other kinds of equipment that can make someone or a group of people more productive. We also need to understand that capital goods are not exactly the same as financial capital or even human capital. It includes funds that are necessary to sustain and also grow a proper business, and this would include debt and equity, and human capital represents human labor. It surely takes a lot of financial capital to invest in capital goods, and it certainly takes human capital to design and build goods that can be operated.

Capital goods which are improved actually increase productivity when it comes to labor. A simple yet good example of this would be, when a farmer upgrades from cows or oxen to large machines for plowing the field, the work is done a lot faster and ultimately reduces any effort from the side of us humans, and it is also a lot more productive as our time is not wasted. Superior capital equipment directly makes people and businesses more efficient and also productive. This kind of increased efficiency leads to some fantastic economic growth. A business does not precisely see an immediate and sudden increase in revenue when it develops the capital goods. To make it actually economically viable to improve and increase the structure of the capital, a company must and should have a pool of funds which they had saved up to draw upon whenever needed. This pool of funds needs to actually last till the new capital goods lead to some additional revenue.

Capital investment, which is increased, actually allows for more development and research in the capital structure. This kind of expanding capital structure raises the productive efficiency of the labor. As the labor becomes more efficient, more and more goods are produced and this way the economy continues to flourish.

Economics is actually all about allocation of resources and also investment resources. A higher savings rate actually means that banking and financial systems have more resources to lend, which enables companies to accumulate more capital. This increases productivity and growth.

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  • Cashless

A Cashless Society: Advantages

By |July 6th, 2019|Categories: Cashless Society|

Being a part of a society where we do not have to use a physical currency is undoubtedly something to look forward to. It is safe to say that it has indeed begun and has gotten off to a great start. Most countries have already started their journey towards this destination because they all support a cash-free society and where everything is electronically done. A cashless society mainly means an entire society where people purchase goods and services with the use of electronic transfer of money using debit and credit cards and other ways of electronic transactions. Americans especially rely largely on these forms of payments because some of their banks give them perks and small tokens for using money electronically. Below are a few advantages to a cashless society and after reading about it, you will want to be a part of it.

money electronical

–    Low crime rates: If all are using cash, then stealing it is incredibly easy regardless of the amount. In a similar fashion, illegal transactions are also possible by using cash. Therefore if we properly move onto a cashless society, the possibility of all of these things happening is surely taken down to a minimum.

–    There is no need to manage your cash: If you carry out all of your transactions online, then there will be an online passbook available where you can simply see where you have spent your money and also how much you have spent. Businesses do not need to worry about the management of billions of dollars worth of cash and also safeguarding it if everything is digital. You can also add features where you can add a spending cap, and the applications like mobile wallets will stop you from using all of your money.

–    International payments and sending money wherever you want is a breeze because of the cashless society and electronic payments. Whenever one visits a foreign country, they will need local currency. Payments are easy no matter where you are in the world if you just use your card or other electronic means because you will not have to change the currencies at all.

–    There is more efficiency in the processing of transactions. We all have experienced the terrible agitation of being stuck in the line of a store or even a vending machine because people are searching in their wallets and purses for exact tenures for their bill.

Cashless Society

–    Paying for everything with a card or even your phone, which has your card information can be done in less than a minute and can happen in a seamless way. And these are the reasons why we should all move onto a better society, a cashless society, where you save time and also a lot of the earth’s resources by reducing the use of physical tenures.

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  • Crypto-currency

Reasons Why You Should Go For Crypto-currency

By |July 2nd, 2019|Categories: Crypto Currency|

The global economy, as we know, it will inevitably and undoubtedly move towards a completely digital eco-system. From things like an investment to all sorts of transfer of money, in today’s world, everything is almost going cashless. The newest and also the most promising additions to the digital payment world is cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a well-known medium of exchange just like normal currencies like USD, INR, etc. but is designed for the sole purpose of exchanging all kinds of digital information. It is defined by many as a digital or even virtual currency which makes use of cryptography for security features, making it unbelievably challenging to counterfeit or even duplicate in any way. Over the last few years, this form of digital currency has been very rapidly gaining interest and also the fancy of the public, and below I have listed out some reasons behind it.


It is entirely fraud-proof:

When it was created, all of the transactions which were confirmed were stored in a public ledger. All of the identities of the Bitcoin owners were encrypted to ultimately ensure the proper authenticity and legitimacy of record keeping. The currency is also decentralized, and you own it. No governments or banks have any control or authority over it.


This planet has over 2 billion people on it with proper access to the internet, and some of them do not have the means to exercise the rights to use traditional exchange systems. These people can make use of cryptocurrency.

You are the owner, and no one can change that:

can change

There is no other electronic cash system in the world where your account is owned and controlled by you and only you.

Identity theft:

The ledger guarantees that all the transactions between digital wallets can accurately calculate a proper and accurate account balance. All of the transactions are checked to make sure that coins are only used by the owner and only that person. This public ledger is also known as a “transaction block-chain.” Block-chain technology makes sure that secure digital transactions through encryption and also smart contracts which make it virtual and also amazingly impossible to hack. It is also void of any fraud. With this kind of security, it was only a matter of time that it caught the interest and attention of millions of people.

How it all started:

Bitcoin was one of the first decentralized cryptocurrency which was introduced in the year 2009. Bitcoin makes use of block-chain technology and has also outperformed gold by generating a 155% annualized gain. Wealthy countries are looking into this technology and are thinking of adopting it as a legal tender.


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  • Economic Downturn

How To Prepare For An Economic Downturn?

By |June 12th, 2019|Categories: Economic Downturn|

When the last economic crisis hit us, it hit us hard; and that one sure was a tough one for small businesses which should have been prepared for a turn in the economy. Any business should actually be prepared and ready to take on a crisis in the economy because it could actually happen at any time. With businesses, focusing on extreme growth or even getting off the ground would be a significant thing because your mindset is surely what matters. You must always have a backup plan if things take a turn in the wrong way, below is a list of a few ideas to implement now, and even before a crisis actually hits the economy.

hits the economy

–    Take a good look at your budget immediately. This one is undoubtedly an obvious one. Money is the lifeblood of the economy, and without money, how can anything in the world of multiple economies, even work. Most owners of small business usually have no idea what is being spent in their company. Even if they do have an idea, they never know about everything line-by-line. They end up relying on bookkeepers and also accountants, which is indeed a great thing because they are reliable. But it would be great if the owner was on top of everything and knew about all of the things that go on in their business. This is important because the owner is probably paying for subscriptions and things that they don’t even know about or even use anymore. There is a big chance that you do not need 20% of the things that you pay for as the owner of a company.

–    Take the money; even if you don’t actually need it. Very smart men in the world of commerce have said that you should take money when and wherever you can get it; because you will need it. Investors want to see themselves grow exponentially and therefore, they invest money with hopes of receiving returns with profits as well. They also want the company that they are investing in to grow just like they are. Loans and also lines of credit to acquire cash and then put it in a bank account for a rainy day in the future is an amazing thing to do, especially if you can actually show growth.

show growth

–    You should focus on your customers like never ever before. Customers are actually the ones that make sure that the economy has sufficient amounts of the lifeblood (money) that it so direly needs.

–    Make certain that your client base is diversified. If a certain type of customer leaves you for whatever reason, then your business won’t be that hurt because you will have all other kinds of customers to have and support you.

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